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MAHARAL is a sweet steampunkery wonder experiment performance group whose brew is called Ancient-Future Blend...a finely roasted sound that will perk your mustache. Each song is a craft originale created in our laboratory full of world music voices from Electronic Dance Music, Turkey, New Orleans, Argentinean Flamenco, the Baroque Era, Deep Woods Appalachia, and Nepal...a wonderful impetus to move crowds, dancers, and listeners alike. Our stage musings, with live music, spectacle lights, fire dance, aerial dance, witty play, drum contraptionery and all around yesness, are quickly becoming known for their distinct dramatic and moving pieces.  MAHARAL is wondrous both on the stage and as a wandering troupe exchanging with crowds and creating magical spot performances in both intimate and large venue settings.


Dance, Davul, Singing Bowls, Gong / Damion Bond
Saz, Piano, Saxophone, Guitar, Drums / Brett Alexander Zwerdling
Violin / Helen Shiplett


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maharal 2019 tour


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To The Brink


"To The Brink" is the brainchild wonder experiment of dancer/musician Damion Bond and musician Brett Alexander Zwerdling. The Ancient-Future Blend is MAHARAL’s term for their finely roasted sound... a unique fusion of languid turkish saz, jazzy piano, davul funk bass drum, Himalayan hammered singing bowls, and sultry electronic dance riffs. Each song is a ‘craft originale’ created in their laboratory full of world instruments with voices from the Middle East, The Mediterranean, Deep Woods Appalachia, Nepal… a wonderful impetus for dancers and listeners alike. The album is a movement through emotional settings, and is intended as a mini-journey. Sip and enjoy!



Gnarnia Music Festival

EvolveFest Music and Yoga Festival

Fertile Ground Gathering

Blue Ridge Beltane

Shenandoah Midsummers

Maryland Faerie Festival

New York Faerie Festival


Avalon Festival

Darbukastani Independence Days

Art of the Belly

Moonlight Tribal

PEX Fest

Virginia Holocaust Museum

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Carnival of Five Fires

Eyeclopes Studios

C'ville Coffee

Roxy 'n Dukes Roadhouse

Tribal Cafe DC

Tribal Cafe Virginia Beach